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Friday, September 7, 2012

Moodle: Embed Youtube video directly onto your courses front page in Moodle

Embedding videos is a great way to enhance a website or online course.  It used to be that we just linked to the video, clicked on the link and then watched the video on the video owner's site.  Well since embedding has come along, there has been an explosion of embedded videos in websites, Facebook, blogs and as the title of this post suggests, into Moodle.


1.  Navigate to Youtube and find the video that you would like to embed.
2.  Click the "Share" button found directly below the video.

3.  Now click the "Embed" button.

4.  Copy the Code that should be highlighted.  If you would like to use other settings before copying the code, you can by changing the size and security levels of the video.

5.  Now go to your Moodle, login, go to the course you are teaching and then turn editing on by clicking the "Turn editing on" button.

6.  Click the "Insert a lable" option for the "Add a resource..." dropdown menu.

7.  Now paste the embed code that you copied from Youtube into the "Lable text" box.

8.  Click the "Save and return to course" button.

9.  Now you should see that your video has been embeded.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Grades not showing up correctly in FamilyLink?

For some reason some classrooms are having trouble getting their grades to show up correctly on the Parent Portal side through FamilyLink.
Sometimes we get grades in FamilyLink to show like this:

And we want them to show up like this:

One of the reasons that it doesn't show correctly is simply that it doesn't have correct mark tables imported from SchoolMaster.  This tutorial will demonstrate how to import mark tables in SchoolMaster.


1.  Go to "Utility" and then choose the "Import Mark Tables..." option.

2.  If you are teaching K-6 choose the "Elementary/Standards Mark Tables" option.  If you are in the High School or Jr. High setting choose the "Secondary Mark Tables." Click OK

3. Now if you don't belong to Snowflake School District then you would get a different list appear.  For those who are in our district choose the TI Standard Mark option and then click "OK."

4.  Now you should be back to your gradebook.  Click the "View" dropdown box and then choose the "configuration" option.

5.  One the "Mark Table" dropdown box choose the "TI Standard Mark" option.

Your grade should now be working on FamilyLink