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This page contains programs that help students learn to code.  All of the code that I learned from these sites is based in JavaScript.  As I go through them myself I will post some tips and tutorials here.

  • Crunchzilla has three different coding levels for coding javascript.  You can choose the younger brand new coder version, the older brand new to coding version, or for your students that are quick learners or have had some experience you can choose the game coding version.

2.  App Inventor 2
  • App inventor has been the biggest help to me in terms of coding logical sequences.  With app inventor you don't need to actually learn the coding language, but you do need to learn to think like a coder.  I have used this program with my students and within the first class they will leave with a Smartphone app.  They have all the tools you need to upload your program to your Smartphone.  If you get stuck App Inventor has a wonderful forum that has been most helpful.

3.  Code Academy
  •  I am currently 25% through Code Academy.  I am trying to learn Javascript language.  I love App Inventor for the visual version and the ease of use, but I think learning another language is a good thing and would like to someday create more than cell phone apps.  Code Academy does an excellent job at going through each step and then having the student create something on their own using what they just learned.  The have a wonderful forum as well.

4.  Khan Academy
  • Khan Academy now has a course on programming.  I have personally gone through the entire course and loved it.  You get to learn to animate and draw through the course.  They also have an area where you can just go at it and practice all the code you want.  Their Forums are awesome as well.


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