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Web 2.0 List

Here is a list of web 2.0 tools and other educational technology tools that I have previewed and many of them used in the classroom.  Eventually I will do a tutorial and highlight most of these but in the meantime for those who are up to just exploring and figuring them out yourselves, then have at it and enjoy.

Bibliography Makers/Generators
  1. Online Citation Maker
    • CSE, APA, and MLA styles.
  2. MLA Citation Maker
    • Create MLA style citations for about 20 different types of material.
  3. Citation Machine
    • Create MLA and APA using ISBN numbers
  4. BibMe
    • Auto and manual entries for the MLA style citation.  You can search by the ISBN numbers.
    • BibMe Tutorial
  5. EasyBib

Online Books/Online Publishing
  1. MyEbook
    • Here is an awesome site that allows for the creating, writing, and publishing of a story that either you as a teacher or your students can write.  If you teach a subject where at some point your students need to create a short story, or a children's story then this site is for you.
    • Here is my tutorial on this resource.
  2. MightyBook
    • Online books that will read the story to you.  Most are children books.  Easy to use site.
    • MightyBook tutorial
  3. HippoCampus
    • Excellent resource for those who need to view videos on subjects that are confusing them.  This site basically created an online textbook that covers many different subjects, like math, science, and history.
    • Here is a look at what Hippo Campus is all about.
  4. Bibliomania
    • Contains many out of print books that you can read online.
  5. FreeClassicAudioBooks
    • Contains audio books of many of the classics such as Huckleberry Finn and Treasure Island.  You can download the audio to your ipod, Ipad, or most cell phones and MP3 Players.
    • Tutorial
  6. StoryBird
    • Create or read online stories.  Very easy to use especially for the younger grades.
    • StoryBird Tutorial
  7. BooksShouldBeFree
    • Large collection of audio books from books that are out of print.  Download them through Itunes and put them on your Ipod or Ipad.
    • Tutorial
  8. Kerpoof
    • Owned by Walt Disney, this site is a fun place for students to create stories both animated and comic style.
    • Kerpoof Tutorial
  9. StoryJumper
  10. MixBook
    • Great way to have your students create a photo story.
  11. LittleBirdTales
    • Awesome book maker for little kids.  Capture their art, writing, and voice to create an awesome storytelling experience.
  12. SimpleBooklet
    • A book that you can embed into your blog or website.
  13. StudentPublishing
    • Let your student create a book and then share it with others or have them go the extra mile and help them get it published.
  14. Penzu
    • Online journaling site.  Let your students keep their English or Science journals online.
  15. Tikatok
  16. issuu
    • Publish your own works for free and get your books out to readers.
  17. FlipSnack
    • Take an ordinary PDF file and create a book out of it.

Presentation Makers
  1. Museum ThinkPort
    • With Create Your Own Museum, you can select objects related to any topic or idea, select images that are good examples of the topic, and add text that explains why this item is especially important to your collection.  Cool thing is you don't have to be registered for you to create your own museum.
    • Museum Tutorial
  2. Voki
    • Have your student present information with a Voki, a speaking Avatar.  You can then embed their Voki into a blog or website.
    • Voki Tutorial
  3. Glogster
  4. SlideSix
    • Upload PowerPoint so that they can be embeded into websites and blogs.
  5. MyPlick
    • Upload PowerPoint, sync audio to it and then embed it.
  6. SlideBoom
    • Upload PowerPoint and share it with the world.
  7. EmpressR
    • Create your presentation online.
  8. Zentation
    • Sync video with your presentation slides.
  9. SlideRoll
    • Create a photo slide show.
  10. Kizoa
    • Normal slide show presenter.
  11. MuseumBox
    • You will just have to play with museum box to decide whether or not it would be good to experience it with your students.  It is a unique way of presenting information.
  12. Prezi
    • Can be more interesting and fun than a standard powerpoint.  This is truly a unique way to present material in your classroom.
    • Prezi Tutorial
  13. IgniteCast
    • Upload a PowerPoint, add voice/sound to it, and then embed it on other pages.
    • Another presentation maker, but with this one you can have your PowerPoint on one side with you presenting in front of a camera on the other side.
  15. Knovio
    • Easy to use method of uploading your PowerPoints and then Jazzing them up a bit, by adding and embedding your own video and lecture to it.
    • Knovio Tutorial
  16. AuthorStream
    • Another great way to take your powerpoints and put them online.  This makes it extremely easy to share with others.
  17. PowToon
    • Create presentations similar to powerpoint programs but with a twist.  Your presentation ends up being cartoonized animation.
    • PowToon Tutorial
  18. MoveNote
    • Move note allows you to add a presentation to video and sound.

Charts and Graph Makers and Calculators
  1. ChartGizmo
  2. ChartTool
    • Very similar to ChartGizmo.  Nice thing is you don't have to be registered to use their service.  Has many different types of charts.
  3. Hohli Charts
  4. MapTools
    • Create dynamic charts and graphs.  Not too many choices or charts, but very easy to use.
  5. DIY Charts
    • Create several types of dynamic data charts that are embeddable.
  6. Chartle
  7. ChartGo
    • Create charts such as bar, line, and pie in a matter of seconds.
  8. Google's ImageChart tool
    • Easily create many different types of charts in minutes using Google's image chart tool.
  9. Desmos
    • This is the most awesome graphing calculator on the web that I have found.  Excellent for your math students.
    • Graphing Calculator Tutorial
  10. Meta-Calculator
    • Another awesome online web 2.0 style calculator.  Calculates statistics, graphing, and matrices.  Very simple to use.
  11. Google Maps Engine
    • Create educational maps with data using the Google Maps Engine.

Cartoon/Comic Makers
  1. ToonDoo
    • Create and publish comic books and newspaper type cartoons.
  2. Creaza
    • A limited free version allows you to create cartoons.  It also has an audio mixer, mind mapper, and movie editor.
  3. SuperActionComicMaker
    • Easy to use comic maker.  Has many preset motions for the characters of you comic strip.
  4. ComicMaster
    • Another simple comic creator.
  5. Carnegie's MyStoryMaker
    • Create a simple story that will give a share link at the end.  This is also very easy to use and you don't need to be registered to use 
    • Carnegie Story Maker Tutorial
  6. Kerpoof
    • Owned by Walt Disney, this site is a fun place for students to create stories both animated and comic style.
  7. FunnyTimes Playground
    • Create some realistic newspaper comics.
  8. DoInk
    • Create custom animations and then embed them into your blog or website.
  9. BitStrips
    • Have your student create simple comic strips using this website.
  10. WittyComics
    • Extremely easy to use comic maker.
  11. Myths
    • Awesome site that lets your students create myths using their own words and voice.  The final product will show an animated story, the words written and read to the class.
  12. Scratch
    • Teach programming skills as well as animation using Scratch. 
  13. StoryBoardThat

Online Movie Makers
  1. DigitalFilms
    • An easy film editor.  It doesn't have all the bells and whistles as others, but it works and like I said, it is easy to use.
  2. Kerpoof
    • Owned by Walt Disney, this site is a fun place for students to create stories both animated and comic style.
  3. SketchCast
    • Create a video as you sketch a picture.  You can even talk as you are sketching.
  4. Creaza
    • A limited free version allows you to create cartoons.  It also has an audio mixer, mind mapper, and movie editor.
  5. GoAnimate
    • Create animated movies using a series of online tools.
  6. OneTrueMedia
    • Make a movie and share it online.
  7. PhotoPeach
    • Create movies with sound using your photos and then share it with the world.
  8. FlixTime
    • Add pictures and sound onto a timeline and then create a movie.
  9. ZimmerTwins
    • Have kids create a movie with the Zimmer Twins.
  10. Primary Access
    • A little more complicated of a movie maker.
  11. WeVideo
    • This one is new to me and looks promising.  Your students can make videos up to 15 minutes in length and share them out to youtube.
  12. TumbleCloud
    • Tumblecloud is a place for collaborative digital storytelling, where users can easily arrange, display, co-create, share and manipulate multimedia content.
  13. MemPlai
    • Online movie maker.

  1. Intel's Showing Evidence Tool
    • If you teach debate here is a tool the might be useful.
  2. CreateDebate
    • "CreateDebate is a new social networking community built around ideas, discussion and democracy." 
Educational Movie Sites
  1. WatchKnowLearn
    • Most of these videos are linked to youtube, but the nice thing is that this site categorized them by subject area as well as grade level.
    • Tutorial
  2. SchoolWorldTV
    • A site dedicated to teaching teachers strategies for teaching their particular subject.
  3. Ubiversidad
    • All videos are in Spanish.  If you are a Spanish teacher this site might give you some neat videos to watch with your students.
  4. Youtube Education
    • Youtube is working with the education market now and is classifying many videos as educational.  If you browse videos with this link you won't get other videos showing up that might not be appropriate for your students.
  5. SchoolTube
    • A site that allows schools to upload videos.  They also categorize their videos so it is easy to find what you are looking for.
  6. TeacherTube
    • Allows teachers to upload their video content and then share it with your students.  Videos are monitored and screened so you shouldn't get any garbage.  
  7. ClipsByU
    • Not very extensive yet, but these videos are created by students and the videos discuss teen social issues.  Great place to have your students upload videos that help fight teen social distress.
  8. KhanAcademy
    • Great place for your students to go if they need extra help with their studies.  It is well done and have thousands of videos involving most subjects especially mathematics.
    • Here is my tutorial on using Khan Academy.
  9. SnagFilms
    • Educational videos about many different subjects.
  10. PBS Nature Series
    • Watch full episodes of PBS Nature videos.
  11. National Geographic Animal Series
    • Watch parts of episodes of many different kinds of animals.
  12. Medical Animation Library
    • A list of medical conditions and animations that explain them.
  13. SmartHistory by Khan Academy
    • Khan Academy just added art history to their learning channel.  It is great place for videos and other resources for history.
  14. PBS Learning Media
    • Just over 2000 categorized videos.  Categorized by grade level and subject.

Flash Card Makers
  1. FlashcardExchange
    • Create flash cards or just use flash cards that are already made.  There are thousands of sets already.
  2. BrainFlips
  3. FlashCardsDB
    • Create flash cards or just use flash cards that are already made.  There are thousands of sets already.
  4. Quizlet
    • Created by a High School Sophmore, this site is one of the better ones for making and using flashcards.  Your words can also be used in Quizlet's games.
  5. YoYoBrain
    • Create flash cards or just use flash cards that are already made.  There are thousands of sets already.
  6. StudyStack
    • My personal favorite. is a site that allows teachers to create online study guides for your students. If your students wanted they can create their own study guides. I used this site to prepare for my Spanish AEPA exam. Once I started teaching Spanish I create a study stack for every section that I was teaching. Those students who struggled with vocabulary had another tool which they could use to practice parts of lesson given in class. StudyStack also takes these study guides and turns them into different methods of learning. The feedback I have gotten from students is positive. They actually have some fun memorizing their vocabulary words.
    • Read my Tutorial on StudyStack
  7. Yappr
    • Online quiz and flashcard maker.
    • Tutorial

Form Generator
  1. EmailMeForm
    • Create forms online and then embed them into your blog or website.  When a user fills it out, it will email you the results.

Game Makers
  1. JeopardyLabs
    • For years I have wanted to have a Jeopardy game that I could play with my students. I wasn't happy with the PowerPoint types, I have tried a few others online, but still wasn't satisfied. Then one day I came across  Best Jeopardy Game site ever.
    • Here is my tutorial on using it.
  2. PowerPoint Game Template
  3. Excel Games Templates
  4. PixZor
    • Have your students build an interactive game.
    • is an awesome place that allows you to create a word list and then create a game based on that list.

Resource Finding Tools
  1. Qwiki
    • It is a web 2.0 tool for doing research. It takes an ordinary search term that you might put in the Google search bar, but instead of getting text or just images you get a 1-5 minute digital experience in which the interface explains and gives history of your search term. I think as educators we need to let our students know about Qwiki . If they need to see an overview of a specific topic they can find it here. As the Qwiki displays the information you can click on the images and video and see related topics quite in a slick manner.
    • Read my tutorial on using Qwiki.
  2. ThinkTank
    • "ThinkTank is designed to help students develop a Research Organizer (a list of topics and subtopics) for reports and projects. Based on the subject assigned, the students can refine it by choosing from a variety of suggestions and by using a random subtopic generator. This helps students learn how to refine a subject so that it is more manageable for Internet research."

Photo Sites
  1. Panoramio
    • Great place to upload your pictures and then share them.  This site though is mainly for locations on the Earth, so it is a great place to find pictures of locations.  Instead of just talking about Spain, take them there.
  2. Creative Commons Behold
    • Great place to find pictures that have a creative commons licence which means your students can use them in there projects without worry of breaking copyright.
  3. Pics4Learning
    • Pics4Learning is a safe, free image library for education. Teachers and students can use the copyright-friendly photos and images for classrooms, multimedia projects, web sites, videos, portfolios, or any other project in an educational setting.
  4. Language Teaching Clipart
    • 3000 clipart images used for language learning.
  5. PictureToPeople
    • Create dynamic images of text.
  6. Warning Sign Generator
    • Create custom warning signs.
  7. Street Sign Generator
    • Create custom street signs. 
  8. Warning Label Generator
    • Create custon warning labels.
  9. Picfull
    •  Easy site to manipulate images quickly usually within one click.
  10. PhotoVisi
    • Great site that easily allows you to create collages for your classroom.

Drawing Sites

  1. Kerpoof
    • Owned by Walt Disney, this site is a fun place for students to create drawings.
  2. Twiddla
    • Create an online collaborative drawing board.  More than one of your students can draw at the same time.
  3. Dabbleboard
    • Real time drawing whiteboard.  Let your students collaborate on the same drawing.
    • To find out more here is a tutorial and example of using Dabbleboard.
  4. FlockDraw
    • Excellent artist tools.  Have multiple people at once draw on the same picture.  Can be embedded.
  5. CoSketch
    • Online whiteboard.

Diagramming/Concept Mapping/Flow Charts
  1. ClassTools Ven Diagram
    • Create and online Ven Diagram
  2. WiseMapping
    • Create online diagrams and share them.
  3. Mind42
    • Create an online mind map and then embed it in your website or blog.
  4. TextToMindMap
    • Type an outline into a text box and it with then be converted to a Mind Map.  You don't need to be registered to use it.
  5. Mindomo
    • Create and share online mind maps but you are limited to only three for free.
  6. Bubbl
  7. Gliffy
    • Great tool, but it is not free.
  8. Webspiration
    • Another mind mapping tool that is awesome, but they are now starting to charge for it.
  9. Intel's Seeing Reason
    • Diagram cause and effect.
  10. SpicyNodes
    • I haven't used this with a class yet, and I think it to be pretty new, but after playing with it for a few minutes, I think this site would be an excellent one to use for mapping ideas.
  11. Popplet
    • Create a flow chart with images using this site.  Add video, images and has the ability to embed final product into blog or website.
    • Popplet Tutorial
  12. MapMyself
    • This is a unique way of creating a concept map using colourful lines.
  13. SlateBox
    • A really really simple way of creating a dynamic concept map.  You can embed the map on your site or blog.
  14. Cacoo
  15. MySimpleService
    • Create uniquely styled concept maps.  You don't have to be registered to brainstorm as a class. If you want to save the drawing though you must be registered.
  16. SlateBox
    • Dynamic mind mapping for free.  
  17. Spider Scribe
    • "SpiderScribe is an online mind mapping and brainstorming tool. It lets you organize your ideas by connecting notes, files, calendar events, etc. in free-form maps. You can collaborate and share those maps online! "
  18. Wridea
    • Another method of creating concept maps.
  19. WikiBrains
    • Free and Easy to use concept/brainstorming tool.

Plagiarizer Detectors
  1. Plagium
    • Copy and paste a students work into a text box and plagium will try to find the wording on the internet.
  2. Dustball's Plagerism Checker
    • Copy and paste a students work into a text box and the checker will try to find the wording on the internet.

Word Cloud Generators
  1. Tagul
  2. Wordle
    • Generates a word cloud using writing such as an essay.  You can embed the text clouds into your blog or website.
  3. Tagxedo
    • Generates a word cloud using writing such as an essay.  You can embed the text clouds into your blog or website.
Map Makers
  1. MapWing
    • Mapwing gives the general public the ability to create its own tours using photos and interactive maps.
  2. Classroom Architect
    • Have your students design what they think the ideal classroom environment would look like with this nifty tool.  No login required.
  3. Target Map
    • Create data maps and share them.
  4. Animap
    • Great place to make animated maps using timelines, pictures, and text to show off your travel or the historic travels of others.
    • View a tutorial here.
  5. World Map by Harvard
    • Create data plotted maps using this Map Maker.  Easy to use and very useful for the k-12 classroom.

Interactive Math Sites
  1. ArcademicSkillsBuilder
    • Solve math problems to race.  Muli-Player games.
  2. Eyeball Game
    • Did you ever wonder if your eyes were crooked?  Here is your chance to find out.  Have you students give it a try as well.

    Mind Bender Game Sites
    1. GamesForTheBrain
      • About twenty different mind benders.
    2. MindBender Prints
      • Each month this site produces mind benders that you can print and give to your students.

    Creative Commons Music and Sound Sites
    1. CCMixter
      • CCMixter  has plenty of open licences that state you can reuse their music.
    2. Jamendo
      • Jamendo has literally tons of music that you can reuse in Presentations.  Also if you have students that play music and need a place to "get it out there" then Jamendo might be that source.
    3. FlashKit SoundFX
      • This site has tons of ads, and you have to scroll to the bottom of their site to get to the sound files, but once you get there, there are plenty of sound FX for you and your students to use in their Presentations.
    4. FreeSound
      • FreeSound is one of the better sites out there for you to find the right sound effects for your presentation or movie.  You do have to be registered to download the sound, but there are plenty of Public Domain licences available on this site.

    Photo Sites (Edit, design, draw, share)
    1. FotoFlexer
    2. Aviary (No longer exists except for mobile apps)
    3. LunaPic
    4. BeFunky
    5. PixlR
      • Has the ability to draw pictures and manipulate photos.
    6. Picnik
    7. BigHugeLabs
      • Use your pictures to create billboards, posters, magazine covers, etc...
    8. PuriCute
      • I am not going to lie, but this site was meant for the ladies.  Upload a picture and then cutelize it.
    9. BubbleSnaps
      • Add though bubbles to your pictures.
    10. PhotoSynth
      • Take a series of pictures of an area and then have PhotoSynth stitch them all together so that another user can explore the area you were at.  My description doesn't do justice, but click the link and explore what I mean.
    11. Blabberize
      • Upload a picture and then using a tool or two you make the picture talk with your own voice.
    12. FlauntR
      • Use a series of tools to flaunt your pictures with.
    13. Tabloo
      • Have your students use this site to create a photo story.
    14. SplashUp
    15. LoxiaStudio
      • Create flash animation using your own pictures and then embed your presentation into your blog or website.
    16. ThingLink 
      • Create an image that contains links, videos, text, and other images right within your original image.
    17. PosterMyWall
      • Create posters for your classroom or just have you students create posters for a project.  You can then buy the posters you create or print them yourself for free.

    Bulletin/Cork Boards/Sticky Notes
    1. CorkBoardMe
      • Great place to set up a classroom post it note section.
    2. WallWisher
      • Have your students share information on a public wall.
    3. Spaaze
      • Create multimedia bulletin boards.
    4. Postica
      • Sharable sticky notes.
    5. PrimaryWall
    6. Edistorm
      • Probably the most advanced online cork board, but to use a free account your boards must remain public for all to see.  I personally don't have a problem with that, but some might.
    7. LinoIt
      • Another great place that allows you to create a collaborative cork board with multiple sticky notes, videos, and images.
    8. Stixy
      • Collaborate with Stixy as you create as many bulletin boards as you want with sticky notes and images attached.
    9. Padlet
      • This bulletin board is another good one to use to post information such as timelines and student work.
    10. Lino
      • A digital corkboard at its best.

    1. Kidblog
      • Create a blog with your class.

    Quiz makers
    1. QuizStar
      • Use QuizStar to create online quizzes for your students, disseminate quizzes to students, automatically grade quizzes and view the quiz results online. 
    2. Flubaroo
      • Install flubaroo to your google apps account and then you can create quizzes using google forms.
    3. JunoED
      • Allows you to create a course, textook with media, and quizzes.  Kind of cool
    4. TestMoz
      • Create an online quiz in minutes.  No registration required.
    5. Quibblo
      • An easy site to use that will let you create a quiz and then embed it into your own website.

    Social Bookmarks
    1. Diigo
      • Share your internet bookmarks online and access them from any computer.

    Note taking
    1. WebNotes
      • Take notes as your browse the internet and then share them with others or access them from other locations.

    Timeline Creators
    1. TimeToast
    2. Dipity
      • Users can create, share, embed and collaborate on interactive, visually engaging timelines that integrate video, audio, images, text, links, social media, location and timestamps.
    3. XTimeline
      • Create a digital timeline that contains pictures and videos that can then be shared across the web.
    4. ThinkPort's Timeline
      • Not very fancy, but very easy to use and you don't need to have your students register.
    5. Timerime
    6. WhenInTime
      • Create a timeline with images and text.  You can embed it into your web page.
    7. TikiToki
      • Create a timeline with embeded images and video.  This lets you create one for free. 

    Website Makers

    1. Weebly
      • Excellent and easy method for you or your students to create a website.
    2. Wix
      • Another easy and good tool that you can use to build a classroom website with.
      • Super simple and you can embed anything such as other web pages, google docs, or video in just a matter of minutes.
    4. WebyDo
      • Create a website in minutes using click and drag techniques.

    Instant Polls/Instant Response
    1. Mentimeter
      • Get instant feedback with Mentimeter.  This site allows you to give questions online, and receive their responses from computers and mobile devices.  A graph will appear as the pollster watches.  Really cool.
    2. Socrative
      • Socrative allows you and your students to interact with both mobile and stationary computer devices with web browsers and students can answer questions and the teacher can get instant feedback.
    3. ExitTicket
      • Web based instant response system.  Free for teachers. 
    4. Presentain
      1. Interactive classroom using mobile devices.

    1. IFakeText
      • Kind of a cool idea.  I haven't ever thought about creating fake texts before.  Why would you anyway?  With IFakeText you can create a fake text from the perspective of Shakespeare or anybody else.  Might be a cool tool to use in Language Arts classes or Foreign Language.
      • I know I posted about a great Google Chrome extension that makes Youtube viewing a little safer, but I came across this tool for those who haven't been converted to Chrome yet.
    3. Tricider
      • A unique way of brainstorming.  Through out a question on the web to your class and have them put answers down to build a discussion.
    4. InstaGrokit
      • Great learning tool.
    5. Rewordify
    Online Studying Tools
    1. Dweeber
      • Dweeber allows more than one student to study together online.  It also offers a whiteboard so they can sketch and draw things like their math homework and explanations.
    Screen Sharing
    1. JoinMe
      • Join me allows you to send out a link that when it is clicked on, another user can share your view of your monitor and even take control.  It is free and easy to use.
    2. ScreenLeap
      • Just email somebody a link and they will be able to see your screen.

    URL Shorteners
          Here is a tutorial and comparison of the three URL shorteners above.

    Survey/Poll Makers

    1. KwikSurveys
      • A simple survey maker designed for educators who have their own website.
      • While creating surveys, quizzes and other options on the site is free, the cool nitty gritty things like adding images will prompt you to upgrade your account.
    2. MicroPoll
      • If you like to get instant feedback from your students or want to take a simple vote, then MicroPoll would be an awesome web 2.0 tool for the classroom.
    3. SoGoSurvey
      • SoGosurvey is a pretty neat survey maker.  Create up to 15 surveys for free and 200 responses.  That is the amount of students I teach, so this might be a good solution.  Still using Google Survey right now though.

    Lesson Planning
    1. CommonCore
      • Great location to create online lessons that are attached to the common core curriculum that most states are moving toward.  


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