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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Use Rewordify with your students to improve literacy

I came across a neat site last night called Rewordify.  This is a pretty neat idea and I can't believe it hasn't been created before now.  Have you or your students ever found an article that can be hard to read because much of the vocabulary consists of words you might not know or understand?  Rewordify allows you to copy and paste text or even link to a website and it will rewrite and simplify the text.  It will highlight everything it changes and allow you to see the definition to the words.  As a teacher you can then even take it another step further because the sight will allow you to create a word and definition/synonym list that can then be printed and used as a study guide.  This website is really worth looking into.  There is a video from their site at the bottom of my tutorial that give you more of a visual.


2.  Copy and past text or a website URL into the text box.  Then click the "Rewordify text" button.

3.  You will now notice that some of the text is highlighted.  Those are the words that have been changed and simplified.

4.  If you click on the highlighted area it will show you the original word.

5.  As part of Rewordify you also get information about the text you are reading.  You can see that it will tell you how many letter, words and reword (word that have been changed).  One of the neat aspects of this chart is that it also lets you know the reading level of the text.

6.  You can also click the "Save & share" button which will generate a link to that exact rewordified text.

7.  Rewordify also can take those words and create definition and word lists, quizzes, flashcards, worksheets, etc... with just a single mouse click.

8.  Below is an example of a "List with Definitions."

9.  At the top you will see a "Settings" button that will allow you to decide how you want your highlights to be.  There are quite a few options worth exploring.  The default for me is enough, but you might want to change settings that might fit your or your student's needs.

Here is a video tutorial on using "Rewordify."

Leave a comment to let me know how you are using in your classroom.

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