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Friday, November 29, 2013

Students create graphic/visual reports using Create your Own Museum

Thinkport's "Create your Own Museum" is a great way for students to graphically showcase information that they might have gathered while creating a report for your class.  With the "Create your Own Museum" activity students can upload images that they gather based on some educational concept and then create a museum  that can be printed or emailed.  They can add information to each image to demonstrate their content knowledge and then share it with you as their teacher.  Below is a quick tutorial on how to use "Create your Own Museum."

1. First go to and then click the "Make a New Museum" button.  You might consider having your students create their own account so that they can save their work.

2.  You can use the arrows to select the museum layout that you would want to use.

3.  Now click on one of the gray numbered boxes off to the right of your museum's layout.

4.  Use Thinkport's Image library or your own.  Most likely your students will want to upload images they found on the web.  Click the "Upload New Image" link found directly under the "My Idea Box" radio button.
5.  Fill out the information as needed.  The neat thing is that you can add searchable keywords, grade levels, and subject areas to your images.  Click "Browse" to find your image on the computer.  Once you have added the image click "Begin Upload."
6.  You should now see data about your image.  Just close this window and go back to your museum page.
7.  Now when you click the "My Idea Box" radio button and the "Find Image" button your new images should be visible and ready to use.
8.    Your students will title the image as well as give it a description.  Click the "Save and Exit" button when you are ready.  Have them create an image for all 15 museum slots.
9.  At the top of the page you should now see where you can open a gallery, save the current one, print it, or even reset the whole thing back to new.
Your now have a digital museum that can show case their work.


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