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Below is a list of links that could help with turning your Science classroom into a web 2.0 class.

Brainstorming with online concept map makers and sticky notes.

  • Next time you introduce brainstorming techniques before your students write scientific research paper, have them use some cool online concept map makers.  If you don't have all the computers in your classroom that you need for everybody to do one, but plan on concept mapping as a class, then use your projector to create a concept map together.
  • Here are some great concept map makers.
  • Your students can also brainstorm ideas about scientific research they will be doing for your class using sticky notes.  Here are some excellent sticky note sites.

Instant Feedback Tools

  • Have you ever wondered whether your students truly understood your scientific lecture was all about.  Try using some online quiz or poll makers that will allow you to display a question and give a chance for all of your students to take part in the answer.  Get instant feedback as to what they understand about what you just read or discussed.  Use your projector to project the results and then this will give you and your students an idea of the comprehension of the topic.
  • Here are some tools for you to try.

Journal writing tools

  • Journal is a great idea for students in a science classroom.  Have your students keep track of the procedures, observations, and materials needed for the experiments they do in class.  An alternative to having the use paper and pencil to write everything down with, have them use some online journaling sites.
  • Give this site a try.

Research tools

  • Researching tools have come a long way from just reading reference books in the library.  Here is a tool to gather quick information that just might help a student decide on a research topic for him/her.
  • Let your students use online MLA style bibliography makers for their works sited page of their research paper.  They are quite accurate.

Timeline Tools

  • If you ever have your students go through and memorize the time line of certain scientific discoveries then give some online time lines a try.  You can embed them into your site and they can be graphically intense.

Study helps

Using Data Charts and Graphs
  • How cool would it be for your students to get into groups and use data that they gathered from an experiment, to create an awesome graph that can be used on a web page or shared with others.  Using online collaborative charts would be a an engaging means of gathering and analyzing collected data.
  • If you want to create graphs that highlight animal population density, how many hurricanes have occurred over time, chart the damage caused by the largest tornadoes, or anything else that you need data analysis for and don't have time to use a program like "Excel," then this site would be perfect for you science class.
  • Try these web 2.0 data chart idea.
Presentation Tools
  • Most science classrooms are going to give an assignment where students will present material in the form of experiments, powerpoints, or just talking points.  Here is a list presentations using posters that can be completed online and many now are even dynamic and can included video, images, text, animation, and sound.
Concept Mapping
  • Creating concept maps are great activities to use to help student visually organize a particular scientific concept before writing about it.  The tools below are great ways to get your students organized and give them an ability to present those ideas to the classroom.

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