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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Using Socrative in the Classroom - Part 2

Previously we used Socrative to create an "exit ticket." In this post we will explore how to ask a single question on Socrative. This would be good for a "starter" activity, for a quick way of gauging student understanding during a lesson, or for a quick snapshot of how well your class "got" the lesson.

First, log in to the teacher site.

After you have logged in, you will see a screen that looks like this:

If you wish to ask a single question, you can click one of the top three choices and ask that question. You can put a question or a problem on the board, have the students answer it on Socrative, and the results would show up as a bar chart on your screen.

Here is how you would do a true/false question:

Click "True/False"

Have the students log in to Socrative with the proper room number.

Ask the question (either verbally or on the board)

Have the students answer the question on their computers. Here is what their screens will look like:

As the students answer the question, their answers will show up on your screen.

You would follow the same procedure for a multiple choice question.

The students would see a screen like this:

As the students answer the question, the results would show up on your screen: 

You can also do a "short answer" question. 

For example, in a chemistry class I may ask

Is the equation  (give the equation) an example of a combination reaction? Explain.

The students would then type in their responses. The responses would show up on your screen:

After the students finish responding, you can have them vote on the responses. Click "Vote on responses" after the class is finished.

The choices will appear on the students' computers:

They can then vote on which one is the best response. As the students cast their votes, the tally will show up on your screen:

Next time we will go over how to make a quiz on Socrative. Enjoy!

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  1. Looks good Matt. Thanks for sharing. I wish I was still teaching with my own set of laptops so that I could try this with a class. Socrative is awesome.