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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Using Socrative in the Classroom - Part 3

In this post we will explore how to make a quiz on Socrative.

First, log in to the Socrative teacher site.

After you log in, you will see the main quiz screen. When you get to the quiz screen, select "Create a Quiz"

You will need to give the quiz a name:

You can now add questions. The quiz give you multiple choice and short answer options. If you want to make a true/false question you can make a multiple choice question with just the true or false options.

If you select "multiple choice" you will get this screen:

You can type your question and then provide possible answers. You will need to check the box of the one that is the correct answer.

If you want to add a short answer question, click "short answer".

The first question will move up and your second question is now ready to be written. 

Once you are finished with your quiz, make sure you save it.

You can now give the quiz to your students. Click the "main screen" tab on the top left.

Click "Start Quiz"

You can select which quiz you want to give. It defaults to the last quiz you created.

You can also choose between "student paced" and "teacher paced" quizzes. 

A student paced quiz allows the students to take the quiz as fast or as slow as they wish. 

A teacher paced quiz allows the student to answer only one question at a time. This allows the teacher to dictate how long a student takes on each question. Once the teacher clicks to the next question, the students are not able to go back to answer previous questions.

Select which one you want and then give the students the room number. The students would take the quiz and if you click "live results" you would get the results on your screen.

The live results would look like this:
Since the teacher would have to grade the short answer questions, the results of those questions wouldn't show up here.

When the class is finished (or time is up), click "end activity"

You will then be given an option to have a report e-mailed to you, download the report, or have no report at all. You can go back later and retrieve the reports if you wish.

If you select "email report", you'll get a report in your email. I selected "view as Google Doc" when I got the e-mail, and here is what the report looks like:

Sometimes students forget to log off of Socrative after they finish. If you wish to get everyone logged off, you can select "clear room" (on the main screen) and those students will be logged off.

It is nice to have a collection of quizzes on Socrative. One suggestion would be to make sure they have easily identifiable and sortable names. Otherwise you end up with something like this:

Happy quizmaking!

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