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About Me

Hello.  My name is Brian Weir.  I am from Snowflake Arizona.

This is my 5th year being the educational technology trainer/specialist for the Snowflake Unified School District located in the White Mountains in Arizona. 

My Bachelors degree was in Elementary Education with ESL and Bilingual (Spanish) endorsements from Western New Mexico University.  I then got my Master's degree in Geoscience from Mississippi State University.

I taught 7th Grade science for 10 years at the Snowflake Jr. High School.  I also taught 2 years of Spanish at the high school.

I started this blog simply to get tutorials out to my staff and found it kind of neat and adicting that my blog started being seen in different countries and states.  Now I blog for the fun of it.  Please feel free to browse the resources and add to it if you would like.

The purpose of this blog is to explore and share online Cloud and Web 2.0 resources that educators can use with their students and harness the ability of collaboration within the education environment.  Please feel free to share your favorite web tools.  I know there are many other blogs such as this out there, but no worries because lets all link up together to build the greatest set of Online tools and Ideas available.


  1. Hi Brian,

    I work for an education technology start-up in London, and our team regularly visit your blog for thought-leadership. Your list of web 2.0 classroom tools are great and you may be interested in Wordia - an educational literacy resource - that covers several of the sub-headers in that section.

    Not sure if you've heard about us (, but I'd value any thoughts you have on what we're trying to do (we're trying to map the K-12 - all of the vocabulary that students need to learn... raising literacy and subject vocab levels, through video and games-based learning).

    Originally, Wordia was built as a 'living video dictionary', but under the advisement of 100s of educators - we've pivoted to something that I'm really excited to be sharing with you!

    The new-look Wordia has just launched - with some smart technology that lets educators build their own word games and hold school tournaments! We'd love you to have a look, and tell us what you think. Indeed - we're running a t-shirt competition - and I'd love to send a school you know, some free Wordia t-shirts (a thank you - for helping us with the R&D efforts!).

    It's early days, but your feedback would be most welcome!

    Thanks again.

    Rob (
    Director of Play
    (Research & Development)

    1. Hi Robert, Thanks for visiting my blog. I just played around on your site and think it is an excellent idea. I will send this out to my teachers and see what they think.

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  3. Hi Brian,

    I would like to recommend a tool to you which might come in especially useful for teaching English, but it can be used for almost any subject. At you can create gap-filling exercises simply by marking words and save them to share with your students. Please let me know what you think.


  4. Hi Brian,
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  5. Hi Brian,

    I am the desinger of Maybe it is interesting for you and your readers. Please have a look. If you have any question or idea how we can make our service better, please let us know. Here are two videos which descripes our service better than I can do this

    Thanks a lot and greetings from W├╝rzburg, Germany