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Monday, March 24, 2014

Smartboard Smart Ink: Google Chrome now works with Smart Ink.

About a month ago, some of you may have been in the same boat as I, which is where the Smart Ink toolbar quit working with the latest version of Google Chrome.  This was a great loss, but easily overcome by just using a different browser.  You don't have to worry about it now.  I just installed the latest update for Smart Ink and this problem seems to be fixed.

Smart Notebook: Smart Ink toolbar now hides automatically

One of my most popular posts has been about the ability to turn off the Smart Ink, a product of the Smart Notebook and Smartboard system.  I really, really, really like Smart Ink and really don't understand why so many people have an issue with the toolbar being visible on their open windows.  I use Smart Ink all the time during my math class to write on top of PDF files, tests, quizzes and the like.  Well the cool thing is that Smart Tech has just added a new feature to the Smart Ink Settings.  You can now click a simple check box that will hide the toolbar until you use one of the Smartboard markers to draw on an open window.  In three clicks the set up will be complete after you have installed the latest updates.

Here is how:

1.  Install the latest Smartboard/Notebook updates.  Open up your Notebook software and click the "Help" option from the menu bar.  Choose the "Check for Updates and Activation" option.

2.  Click the "Check Now" button at the bottom right.  This will check to make sure you have the latest updates.  If you don't, the "whited out" buttons will appear.  Click the "update" buttons for both your Smart Notebook and Smart Ink.

3.  Now click the "Smart Ink" floating tool bar and choose the "Settings" option.

4.  Once in settings all you have to do is click the "check box" that says "Hide Smart Ink toolbars until you draw over a window."

Make sure you click the "Apply" button down on the bottom right of the Smart Ink Settings window.

This should help get rid of the toolbar until you need it.