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Below is a list of links that could help with turning your History classroom into a web 2.0 class.

  1. Creating awesome historical time lines for many reason with 
    • Create a digital time line. You can add pictures and descriptions to the different events of your timeline. 
  2. Have some fun with your class playing Jeopardy with 
    • Use this site for study games. Build as many Jeopardy games as you want. Now you can create an online crossword puzzles and quizzes as well. 
  3. Create study guides with 
    • Read this blog to discover a great tool that will allow you to create flash cards using your own vocab lists. After you create the cards kids can go to the site and study their vocabulary in many different way using the same words. I highly recomment this studystack as being a great tool for all teachers and all subjects. 
  4. Create hosted data charts in the cloud with
    • If you want to create graphs that highlight population density, birth rates, and anything else that you need data analysis for and don't have time to use a program like "Excel," then this site would be perfect for you history class. 
  5. Make bibliographies with
    • Easybib will allow your students to create that perfect "Works cited" page for the research paper you might be having them write.
  6. Create Hosted data charts in the cloud with
    • You can use HohliCharts to graph geographic or social data.
  7. Use Mentimeter to create instant polls and get instant answers to questions.
    • Mentimeter would be a great way for a History teacher to gather instant confidential data.  It is an online polling system that can be used by any device connected to the internet.
  8. Use Edistorm sticky notes to gather ideas from students.
    • Gather brainstorming ideas for research using Edistorm.  This is an online sticky note solution for the classroom.
  9. Use TimerRime to create dynamic historical timelines.
    • For those history teachers who have their students make timelines and report on historical figures, give TimerRime a chance.  You can create those timelines adding video, images, and text.
  10. Create Hosted data charts in the cloud with Chartle.
    • Yet another slick method of creating charts based on gathered data from the classroom.
  11. Create dynamic flash cards for your students using BrainFlips.
    • BrainFlips allows teachers to create some really neat flashcards with video, images, sound and text.  You can even let your students create the flashcards for their own vocabulary words that they need to memorize or study.
  12. Create concept maps using Cacoo.
    • Cacoo is a simple means of brainstorming as a classroom or group and then diagramming your ideas.
  13. Use PrimaryWall as your collaborative cork board.
    • Meant for the elementary and intermediate teachers, PrimaryWall allows students and teachers to post ideas in the form of Sticky Notes.
  14. Present information using Glogster.
    • Glogster allows teachers and students to present material in the form of a technologically dynamic poster.  Add images, text, and video to this poster using Glogster.
  15. Dynamic concept mapping with Popplet
    • This web 2.0 tool would be great for any grade level teacher who enjoys creating concept maps with their students.  Use it to create a web of ideas about any historical concept. It is extremely easy to use and allows you to embed your final project into your blog or website.
  16. GeogGuessr
    • This is a neat little "Where am I at" map game.  I think it would be perfect for those who teach geography in the k-12 classroom.
  17. Digital Museum Creator
    • Create digital historical museum with images and text.

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