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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Create dynamic data charts using Hohli Charts.

I have blogged before about students and teachers having the capability to easily create dynamic charts and graphs based on data they have collected.  Hohli charts is another simple method of doing so.  In fact with Hohli charts you and your students don't have to log in to create and share charts.

Advantages of using Hohli Charts
  • Generates a link to your generated chart
  • No login is required.  Just start creating a dynamic chart
  • There are many types that you can create.
    • Line, bar, pie, ven diagrams, scatter plots, radar charts, 
  • You can tell the site how big you want your chart to be.  This is nice if you plan on making a printed copy.
Here is a simple example of what the chart can look like.

Chart build on


1.  Go to and choose the chart type that you would like to work on.

2.  Now choose the size of your chart.

4.  You will notice that off to your right you will see your chart being built as you add the data to it.  This is the visual representation so that you can make sure it is relevant and looks good.

5.  Now type in your data sets.  In this case I am typing in data on favorite colors.  In the box below type in how many.  If you click on the "Auto" you can change the color of that particular data set.  I could change it to black as I am asking how many like black.  Hit "Save" and then type in your next data set.

6.  Your "Data Max Value" is the largest number you want to view on your Y Axis.  In this case I have 33 students so I want that to be my max value.

7.  In this section you just need to play with it and remember to look to your right at your image being unfolded as you change the settings.  Play with the fonts and colors until your chart looks great.  You need to "Save" it each time so that your image refreshes.

8.  Change your background color in the next section.  Remember to find a background that doesn't clash with your font color.

9.  You can also use gradient colors.  I love playing with gradients.

10.  I haven't really worked with the "Grid" section.  Play with it a little and see if settings here will enhance your educational data chart.

11.  Once you are done with your chart, click on the image of your chart on the right hand side of your screen.  This will pop open a new window from which you will be able to copy your embed code or get the direct link to your chart.

Well this is how simple creating a dynamic chart with your students can be.  Much easier than going through an "Excel" spreadsheet and you can see your chart unfold as you are working on it.

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