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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Google Chrome Tips and Tricks: Print Selection

About a month ago I was asked how to do a "Print Selection" inside of Google Chrome.  You know, the ability to print just a specific paragraph or sentence out of the whole online artical that you are reading.  So going out and doing some research, I came across "Print Friendly," which is a nice little Google Chrome extension that allows you to cut out the parts of an artical.  This extension is great for getting rid of ads and other unwanted material from the artical that you are reading.  Even though "Print Friendly" is nice, it can take some time deleting all of the stuff you don't want, instead of just highlighting and printing the parts that you do want.  I even came across another extension called the "IE Multi Tabs" which converts the page you are looking to an internet explorer page.  Once viewed in "IE Multi Tabs" you can then highlight what you want, right click on the selection and then print it off.  Even though this is easy to do, I am a big fan of making life even easier.

Well thanks to reader Yuri Dolgov, I know another way that you can just print the selection of text that you do want.  Believe it or not, it is called the "Print Selection" extension.  I can't believe I didn't see this extension the first time I went around looking.

Here is how you go about installing and using the "Print Selection" extension.


1.  Make sure you are in the Google Chrome browser.
2.  Click on the "wrench" icon.

3.  Choose the "Options" option.

4.  Click the "Extensions" tab under the "Options" section found on the left side.
5.  Click the "Get more extensions" link.

6.  In the search box type in "Print Selection," and then hit enter.
.  Find the "Print Selection" extension and then click the "Add to Chrome" button.

8.  A box will pop up, click the "Install" button.

9.  Once it is installed, just go to a website, highlight the text, and then right click on the text and you should see a "Print Selection" option.  Click the option and that will take you to the standard Google Chrome print screen.

Well happy printing and enjoy using Google Chrome.


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