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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Create hosted data charts in the cloud with

What is it?

  • With ChartGizmo you can have your student create many different types of data charts much like you would see with Excel or some other type of spread sheet.
Why not just use Excel with your students?
  • Actually Excel is a great direction to take your students in.  Using Excel allows students to manipulate data and create charts.  With ChartGizmo though, you don't have to create the formulas.  You just fill in the form asking for your data you want the chart to handle it ChartGizmo does the rest.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • The really neat thing about ChartGizmo is that it is web based which means you can embed it into your webpage or in this case a blog like the example below.  
What would I use this for?
  • I see many practical applications
    • Science:  Weather Data for a week.
    • Social Studies:  Statistics
    • Music:  Favorite composers
  • I am sure that teachers can fill in the rest.
  • If your students need to create a graph of any type please share this site with them.  They will easily understand how to use it.

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