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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Make bibliographies with is an awesome place for your students to go if they need to make bibliographies for their research papers or book reports. 

What is Easybib?

  • Make bibliographies using the MLA style for free.
  • Create bibliographies for books, journal articles, magazine articles, newspaper articles, websites, dictionaries, digital images, maps, etc...  There are acually over 50 types of bibliographies that this site will help your students create.
  • Many books are already loaded so all you need is the title and it will create the rest for you.
  • Users can login using their Google Apps, Facebook, Yahoo, OpenID, and AOL logins or they can just create their own.
    • NOTE:  If your district has signed up with a Google Apps Domain, then your IT Network Manager can add it to your domain so that as students login to Google Apps they won't have to use a differen user name and password.  Once logged into Google Apps they will already be able to log in to Easybib.
  • Create a works cited page in minutes.
Introduction Video:

User guides:

Happy bibliography making.  Please share this information with your students.  It truly is a great site to be using.

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  1. I learned this one from one of my students a few days ago -- good stuff :)