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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Create dynamic flow/organization charts with Popplet.

There are many awesome methods of creating flow/organization/concept charts on the internet.  Popplet is a little unique and extremely dynamic.  You can add video, images, text, change the color, and even create a Prezi style presentation.  Popplet will then let you save the image a few different ways, but for those who have been following my blog know that I am a huge fan of Web 2.0 sites that allow you to embed and share your creation and Popplet allows you to do so.  Below is a tutorial on how to create your first "Popple."


1.  First go to this link: and register by clicking the "sign up for free!" button.

2.  Just click the "Sign me up" button on one of the three plans that you would like.  I chose the "Free Plan," which will allow 5 presentations.  But as always, I do believe in paying for somebodies awesome programming skills in the end if the program is effective for students.

3.  Once you are signed up, click the "make new popplet" button to get started.

4.  Give your "popplet" a name, pick a color for your layout, and then click the "make it so!" button.

5.  Now just click anywhere on your canvas/screen to put your first parent node/concept in.  If just clicking on your screen doesn't place your first concept on, then just click the settings button and choose the "new popple" option.

6.  Just give your "popple" a name to get started.  You will notice that there are 4 circles on the outside of your first concept.  Just click one to create a branch/child node.

7.  If you click on the the "popple" you will be presented with four circular buttons.  The first one will allow you to change the color of that part of the concept map.

8.  The second button will let you change the font size as well as give you some alignment options.

9.  One of the awesome features that many concept maps don't allow you to have is the ability to draw into one of your concept bubbles.  Popplet does.  I hope you like my drawing of a cinder cone volcano.  You can also change the color of your ink.

10.  The last "popple" configuration button will all you to add media to your concept bubble.  Add images or even video from Youtube.

11.  When you select the Youtube option the program will actually let you search inline for the videos you are wanting to embed into your presentation.  Just pick one.

12.  At the top of your Popplet screen you have your zoom button.  You can also use your scroll wheel on your mouse.  You can change your color again and the last button is your settings button which will give you quite a few more options.

13.  Just play with the settings or use this section to print or export your Popplet.

14.  The view option will allow you to create your "presentation mode" which is a Prezi style presentation.

15.  Once you click the "presentation mode" option you will then click the "record" button to tell your popple with order you would like each concept to appear.  Once you are done organizing your presentation just click the "present" button to get presenting.

16.  The last part of Popplet is the ability to share your concept map with the world through Facebook, Twitter, with an embed code that you can put in a blog or website, and a link button that will let you email a link out to the world.  You can also add collaborators which is a really neat feature because students will be able to work with partners.

17.  After clicking on one of the 4 share options you will get the options to share.  You can see my popplet that I created below.  I justed used the "embed it" option by copying and pasting the html code into my blog.

Give Popplet a try and let me know what you think.

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