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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Create geographical and statistical maps using TargetMap.

So I was browsing for some updated web 2.0 tools and came across TargetMap.  For those that teach History or Statistics then having your students use TargetMap might be a great method of integrating technology into your classroom as well as demonstrating the value of mapping to understand our world.  With TargetMap you can create maps based on information gathered from the web or other means of research.  You can create maps at different geographical levels like: county, province, state, country or continent.  Have your students visually demonstrate a concept that you are currently teaching in your classrooms.


1.  Go to and create a free account.  TargetMap is free as long as you share your data with the world.  After you have your account click the "Create your own Map" button.  Also notice the "My maps" link below the button.  This is where you come back to so that you can view your maps.  

2.  After clicking the button, you will get a new window open up.  From here you can start narrowing down the data you plan on using.  Do you want information for the whole world or selecting a continent will allow you to get more precise.

3.  After you select the area that you plan on adding data to, click the "Next" button.

4.  Now decide on even more specific areas like a county or at the state level.  For my example I chose the state level.

5.  If you really want to go the extra mile you can have your students select the "May My Excel" option.  This will allow your students to collect information and then put it into an Excel document which can then be uploaded and the rest will be automatic.  There is a video tutorial that can get into more of the nitty gritty details of how to do it with an Excel document.

6.  I chose the "Value Typing" option.  This will allow you to directly give states or counties the numerical value of your data.

7.  If you don't really have specific numerical data and just want to color code region on the map choose the "Paint a Map" as your option.  Once you have made your choice click the "Next" button.

8.  For this tutorial I chose the "Value Typing" option.  Now you should be at your map.  Click on the region for which you have some data.  Lets say there was 12 Ferraris in this state.  Just input that number and hit enter. 

9.  Off to the right, you should now see your key being made.  As you add more statistics the numbers will change.  You will also notice that the color of the area also changed colors.

10.  A little to the left of your map you should see a drop down button called the Map editor.  Go ahead and click on it.

11. Here you can add how many different colors you want was well as which colors are represented.

12.  You can also change your font style in this area.

13.  At the top add a title.

14.  Change your key but just clicking on the words and typing over them.

15.  When you are all done you need to share you map.  To do that just go to the "Map Editor" and click the share button found at the bottom.

16.  This will trigger a little waiting period where TargetMap verifies that your map is legitimate and useful.  If all goes well you will get an email with a finished product without watermark in the middle of your map.  You can also download your map as an image or use screen capture software to take a picture of it.  Below is my finished map demonstrating the 2006 census on violent crimes in the United States.

If you ever use this idea in the classroom let me know how it goes.  I can't wait to use it with my Statistics class.

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