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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Reteach and Remediate Math lessons using Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus is truly an excellent tool for helping teachers create reteach and remediate lesson for their students.  Hippo Campus has lessons that are interactive with video and exercises that are very well done.  The terminology used is excellent and easy to understand.  You can watch video of a teacher giving a graphic lesson and then practice the concept taught right away. 

The Math lessons range from basic comprehension of mathematical ideas all the way to higher Algebraic and Geometric concepts.   Hippo Campus also embeds some of the lessons straight from Kahn academy.

Your students can also "Launch" a lesson that can be tailored to them.

Also note that there are many more educational content areas that Hippo Campus has lessons but I find that their math content is the most extensive.  (Areas:  Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, Economics, History, Psychology, Sociology, English, and Religion)

Below is a tutorial and a show and tell as to what you might find at Hippo Campus.

1.  Go to

2.  On the left column you will see all of the mathematical concepts that you can learn and that have tutorials and guided practice.  In included the scroll bar so that you can see there are plenty more.


3.  Just click on any of the topics and you will get a list of sub-content.  For example if I click on "Developmental Math-Beginning Algebra" you will see,

4.  Now when you click on say "Solving Multi-Step Inequalities" you will get video that really does an excellent job a slowly speaking to student who might not currently understand the concept.
5.  Now if you want more than just a training tutorial click the "Launch a Course" button at the top.
6.  This will take you to a list of full semester courses with the same great content from above.
7.  Click on a course and then click the "Click to Launch" button.
8.  Your computer will now open up a new window with an entire course outline.  Click on any concept.
9.  You will now see another window open that contains a lesson, guided practice and review quiz over each mathematical concept.
I see students who struggle with math being able to go through a course and really get some extra help on difficult math concepts using Hippo Campus.


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