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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Students create stories, drawings, cards and movies using Kerpoof.

Kerpoof is a website that is owned by Walt Disney.  It allows students to access their creative side and allowing them to share their work with others.  Kerpoof has many built in scenes and ideas to help students come up with a story that they can be proud of.  They can then take their work and share it with parents or the teacher.

Teachers can give students an opportunity to create a movie that involves writing, sequencing events and thinking about cause and effects.  I use Kerpoof with my special needs student that we are home schooling this year.  He enjoys taking the 100's of images and creating birthday and holiday cards, animated stories with music and sound.  There is also an activity called "Spell a Word" which will pull out images based on words that they are spelling.

Below is a tutorial on what you will find if you decide to use Kerpoof with your students.

1.  First go to and you will see the 6 educational ideas you can use Kerpoof for.

2.  As you start to spell words images of possibilities start to show up.  Once the word is complete you will be left with images that you can grab and put in your picture.

3.  If you are creating a story you will be asked to choose a story line. There are quite a few creative ideas to choose from.  Use the yellow arrow to scroll through all of the story line options.  Click on your story choice.
4.  Next you will be asked to choose the story's scenery.  Just click on the one that you are interested in. 
5.  Once you are looking at your scene you can now choose some objects to add to your story.  Just drag the image from the right column onto a location of the scene.
6.  Below your story you will now see some methods on how you want your objects to act on the set.  You can have them move across the scene, say something, turn invisible, and rotate.  You can also have the entire scene perform a task, like showing titles, playing back ground music, fade to black or cause weather to happen.  These methods though change with the different scenes and story lines.
7.  Just drag the methods to your timeline or image.  You will get pop up messages asking for more specifics as you add methods to your story.  Below is a picture of a pop up message for playing a song during your scene.
8.  On the left hand column you will see where you can email or print your movie.  Just play with the different functions until you and your child become professionals.
9.  With Kerpoof you can easily create cards for special events or occasions.  Just select the template you want to start with.
10.  One of my favorite parts to Kerpoof is the Story book your students can write.  Just have them choose a story line.
11.  They just need to type their story into the "Text" boxes and drag and drop backgrounds and images to their pages.  Like all Kerpoof activities they can then save and email their finished products.
If you get a chance to use Kerpoof in the classroom, comment below on how it went and how we can use creative tools to go even further.