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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Create an animated map with Animaps

Have you ever wanted to show off a route that you might have taken to Europe to your students?  Have you wanted to demonstrate how bird migrations work with specific species?  How about showing your students the historical routes that the Pilgrims took?

Well with Animaps you can do all of that.  It is an incredible tool that will allow you to create maps that demonstrate routes, show territories, and then will animate the movements pretty much however you would like to see.  Here is an example from Animaps that I made in just a matter of a few minutes to give you an idea.  To see a really really good one that Animaps made click this link.

What can you do with Animaps?

  • Create multiple maps with multiple routes.
  • Add pictures youtube videos to your map.
  • Create a time line.
  • Change icons.
  • Embed it into a website or blog.
What are some disadvantages to Animaps?
  • Overall it is a robust program and fairly easy to use.  I had trouble making the time that my images show up at the exact moment that was on the route.  Given time to "play" with the program though, this shouldn't be an issue.


Normally I give a detailed tutorial on using the site, but Animap's tutorial is excellent on their website, so I encourage those who are interested in creating an animated map to go there.

Basic Tutorial

Advanced Tutorial