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Monday, January 9, 2012

Last Weeks tools Highlights 2

Here is a list of the Tips and Tricks on using technology in the classroom that I picked up last week.

Google Chrome Extensions
  • There are three Extensions for Chrome that I think could be of value to you.  Instructions on installing extensions are on the blog.
    1. Internet Explorer inside of Chrome
      • Many people find that using Chrome can be a problem with certain website that they use in the classroom.  In our district sites such as AR and Galileo have been known to have problems on certain parts of the pages..  This cool extension should allow you these sites from within Google Chrome.
    2. Print Friendly
      • Chrome doesn't let you highlight sections of a page and then just print the highlighted portion.  This can be a problem for those who used that feature in Internet Explorer.  The Print Friendly extension removes ads, pictures, comments, and just about anything else that you might want to get rid of.  Try it out.  This will truly save paper and ink costs because you will only print out the portion that you need.
    3. Education Safe Youtube Options
      • Showing YouTube in class can sometimes be a little risky because sometimes the related videos aren't always appropriate and the comments can be inappropriate as well.  With YouTube Options you have the ability to completely remove unwanted sections from your videos, like the advertisements.  This is probably the coolest extension I have found so far.
  • Prezi is another method that students can use to present class material.  It puts a 3rd dimension to the presentation.  I was in one of our district's teacher's classroom at our Jr. High school and she showed me how Prezi can be used with students.  After seeing what her students have done, I thought that I need to let the rest of you know about it.  It is awesome.  To see what Prezi does just go to the link and you will see two examples; one at the top and one at the bottom.
  • Word clouds can be fun to make with your students.  Word clouds highlight the important parts of your writing, by making the more common words larger than the least common words.  If you click on the link there is an example of what a word cloud is.

Let me know if there are specific ideas that you want me to explore or other issues with Chrome and Google Apps.