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Monday, January 2, 2012

Last Weeks tools Highlights

  • For those who use webbing/concept mapping/graphic organizers, would be a great resource.  It is easy to use and allows you and your students to brainstorm ideas on a project they will be doing in your class.

  • This link is a tutorial on using Socrative in the classroom.  This is the third and latest tutorial done by Matt Runyon.  For those who were lucky enough to have a classroom set of laptops or the use of a computer lab, using Socrative would be awesome for you.

  • For those who require journaling in your classrooms, have you considered having them keep their journals online.  If so, then using Penzu would be a unique way for them to try it.

  • Qwiki is a really cool tool.  Especially if your students don't read well.  You type in key words and it will read back and display pictures and movies based on that key word.  Give it a try, you might get hooked.

Let me know if there are any specific tools that you would like me to find that could help your class out.

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