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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Last Weeks tools Highlights 3

  • If you haven't ever heard of Glogster yet, you ought to take a look.  With Glogster you can create extremely dynamic posters that can contain video, images, and text.  This would be another way that students can present material they learned in class and an alternative to PowerPoint.
  • A few of you expressed an irritation with Google Chrome and the way it downloads.  The default is that your downloads go to you download folder, which makes sense, but what if you want to choose where your file goes.  Click this tutorial to find out how to change the Google Chrome's download settings.
  • I sent out a tutorial a week ago on how to print parts of web sites.  This didn't appeal to everybody because they still want to just highlight a single paragraph and then print the highlighted selection.  This tutorial teaches you how you can do that.
  • If you teach history (historical anything) or geography then this idea might be great for you.  With Animaps you can create a dynamic animated map that can contain videos, images, and text.  An idea would be for you to have your students create a map of their summer vacation or have them create maps of areas visited by pioneers and the paths that they took.  This tutorial will introduce you to Animaps and it will demonstrate what the final product could look like.
  • Now that Arizona no longer subscribes to Discovery Streaming some of you have asked where you can now go to find educational videos.  My initial response was Youtube.  I found a site however that has categorized Youtube videos by subject and grade level so that you can find the right video for your students a little faster.  Also using this site eliminates ads and related videos so that all your students see is the video.