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Monday, February 6, 2012

Educational Videos for Free as well as other Visuals for Education

There are many free sites that will allow you and your students to watch educational videos for free.  Youtube is one of my favorites and I have already blogged about Watch, Know, Learn.  Here is another place for you to find educational videos, PBS Learning Media.

What is PBS Learning Media?

  • A website dedicated to bringing educators and their students media resources that can be used in the classroom.  Even though this blog will demonstrate access to their videos, this site is chalk full of many different types of resources which include, audio, video, interactive sites, documents and images.
What are some of the advantages over other video sites?
  • Videos can be found by National Standard, grade level, and subject.
  • The sorting is great.
  • Has other resources besides videos.  Much of the content comes with links to additional material that can go along with the video.
What are some disadvantages to using the site?
  • Some of the video quality is low.
  • They force you to register after viewing three resources.


2.  When you first get there you may notice at the top, this message.  Go ahead and sign up if you want.  I did.

3.  Click on the subject for which you want to find a video or some other educational resource.

4.  Click on the grade levels to narrow your browsing.  The number next to the grade level indicates the number of resources that you can find for any particular resource.

5.  You can also be more specific about the subject, media type, resource type, and language.  For this tutorial I chose "Earth and Space Science" and "Video."  Go ahead and play with the other settings to narrow your results even more.

6.  As you narrow results you will notice the media, in this case the videos that show up to the right of your screen.

7.  Go ahead and select the media you would like to see.  You can play the video here, share it, and save it as one of your favorites.

8.  If you scroll down below your media you will notice that you can find supported materials, see the standards that fit this video and you can view and add comments.

9.  Just click the "Signup" button to register so that you can view more than three different videos and images.

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  1. This looks good. I'm going to use a few of these videos. :)