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Monday, December 30, 2013

Students create and embed comic strips into your class blog or website.

I have tried many comic strip makers and have them listed on my web 2.0 page.  StoryBoardThat though looks to be the best.  They have many backgrounds, characters, objects and sharing options.  The site is free to use and has paid services that will allow you as a teacher to monitor students work.  I think StoryBoardThat would be a great technology integration tool with classes like ELL and any class that requires writing which should be most of them.  Below you will find an example an embedded comic strip that demonstrates Amendment 2.  Like I mentioned, after the comic strip and story is made it is very simple to then take the code snippit and embed the image into your website.

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StoryBoardThat tutorial

1. Go to website and create a new account.  Then just click the "Create a Storyboard" link found at the top.

2.  Just drag and drop characters onto the storyboard.  There are quite a few to choose from.  Note also that you can add scenes,  text bubbles, stencils and objects or you can just upload your own.

3.  Once you drag something onto the canvas you should get options.  For example after dragging on this angry woman onto the storyboard I can now use the "handles" and re-size or rotate her.  I can change the color of her hair, skin, shirt, skirt, and shoes.

4. If i add a textable/text bubble, I will also get some more options like font size and color.

 5.  Down at the bottom you find your undo, clear all and add cells which will add more area to your comic strip.  You can also drag and drop your cells to reorder or rearrange them.  From this menu you also find your "Save" button.

6.  After you are all done creating your educational comic strip and click the "Save" button you will then be asked to give it a title and description.  Click the "Save Storyboard" button to view your final product.

7.  On the next screen to the left you will see some sharing options.  It is very easy to share to your Facebook, Twitter or your Google+ pages.

8.  At the very bottom you can also create a "New Storyboard" edit the one you just did or even delete it. A couple of really cool things you can do is download your comic strip as an image or even a PowerPoint.  And finally my favorite thing for me when it comes to web 2.0 tools is the ability to embed the final product into either my website or my blog.

9.  Once you click the "Embed" button you will get the code snippet.  Just copy and paste it into your classes blog or website for all to enjoy or learn from.

Creating this comic strip is fast and easy.  Try having your students create one as one of their options of reporting information.

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