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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Create video and audio PowerPoint Presentations for your students with Knovio.

Once upon a time, when I was teaching 7th Grade Earth Science, I used a product from Microsoft that allowed you to add video and voice to your presentations.  I would then upload the presentation to my class website.  When I had a sub I actually have them go through the PowerPoint and my students wouldn't miss me much because there I was in front of them, as if I had never left.  My students would always ask why they could never get rid of me.

The problem with my method above is that for the average user and anybody who didn't have time could never really duplicate it.  I too, thought that I just didn't have enough time, to film myself and then upload the whole thing to my website and then make sure I explained it to the substitute.  Well Knovio, I think solved the time and frustration issue.  This website allows you to upload the PowerPoint which takes seconds and then record your video and voice onto their website so that you can save time by not having to upload it yourself.  Also you can embed the presentation or just give your substitute the link so that he/she can easily get to it.

Knovio Tutorial

1.  Go to and register.  After registering you just click the "Upload Slides" button.

2.  It will then start processing the PowerPoint slides.

3.  Click your "View your slides" button, to make sure they all turned out OK.

4.  Once your slides are all there and verified you click at the bottom right of your scree the "Next Step: Record Video" button.

5.  You will probably have to give permission to Knovio to access your video and microphone so if the following popup appears just click the "Allow" button.

6.  Click the "Record" button to get going.

7.  If you are too shy to show your face to your students or don't want them to know that you created the lesson in your PJs then just select the "Record audio only option" under "Camera Settings."

8.  Just click the "Next Slide" option to advance your slides.

9.  Once you are done you can click the "Play" button to see if you are please with the results before publishing.  If you are not then click the "Record" button to trigger the option to start all over.

10.  Once you are satisfied with the results then click the "Next Step: Share" button found at the bottom left side of the screen.

11.  Give your presentation a title and a description then click the "Save and get on with it." button.

12.  On the left hand side now you will see a "Preview" button which will allow you to preview your whole presentation.  You can give your substitute your "Presentation Link" or you can do my personal favorite which is to give use the embed code to embed a video or presentation into your classroom blog or website, just like my example below.

Give Knovio a shot and comment below if you have any further suggestions or other similar tools that are worth sharing with the educational community.

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