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Monday, December 9, 2013

Create video lessons with questions from any Youtube video for your students.

Here is an excellent new concept and idea from eduCanon.  They have created a website that will allow you to take any Youtube or Vimeo video and create a lesson based on the video.  Again, an excellent idea.

Assign the activity to your students.  They will then log in and go to the lesson.  Next they will view the video that will have questions as you go along.  Your students will answer those questions which are then graded for the end of the film so that you can see how well they did.

Students will be able to view remedial material from anyplace in the world and their learning will be reinforced by some extra content.

Here is a tutorial on some of the features in the eduCanon system.

1.  Make sure you sign up at  It is free, but some of the premium features are going to cost some money.  Log in to the system.

2.  Click the "Build" tab at the top of the screen.

 3.  Next give your lesson a title and objective.  Also select the grade level, subject, and subtopic.  Also paste the URL to the video you want to create a lesson with.

4.  Now start watching your video.  When you come to a place where you would like to insert a questions, click the "Build Question" button.

5.   Just type the questions into the text box.  You do have formatting options.  Toward the bottom you can type in the answers.  Make sure that you select the correct answer.  If you need more answer choices click the "Add Answer" button.  When you are done with the question click the "Save Question at ..." button.

6.  You should now be able to view what you question looks like.  You can update it by clicking the edit button.

7.  As you are adding questions you will notice question marks being added to the bottom of you video's screen.  These are where you questions will be inserted.  Once you are done with your video lesson, click the "Finish Build."

 8.  A popup window will appear asking you to assign the lesson.  The "Assign Lesson" button will allow you to enter a calendar so that you can assign an appropriate date to your lesson.

9.  Just click the date you want your students to be able to access your lesson.

10. You will see your video lessons appear on the right hand side of you screen.  Just drag and drop them onto the lessons canvas.

11.  When your students view the lesson they will be prompted to answer questions at the specified video time.  They will then submit their answers.

12.  If you click on the "Lessons" link you can see all of the lessons you created.  There are three buttons on the video's thumbnail.   The first one that looks like an eye allows you to preview your lesson like a student would see it.

13.  The second button allows you to share the lesson.  Below is an example of a Bill Nye the Science Guy video lesson.  I only have the first three questions done so that you can see what it is like.  If you wait until the 27th second you should be able to see how the questions with the video actually work.

Comment below if you are using eduCanon in your classroom and let us know how it is going.