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Monday, December 16, 2013

Google Spreadsheet: Update your Google Spreadsheets to the latest version.

Google has just updated their spreadsheet program with a few added benefits including using the program offline as well as some aesthetic features assigning each spreadsheet a different colored tab.  Here is how you go about updating the Google Spreadsheet program and a little tutorial on changing tab colors.

1.  Go to your Google Drive and click on the settings/gear icon.  Select the "Settings" option.

2.  Once in settings click the "Editing" tab.

3.   You will see a "New version:" section.  Just put a check mark into the check box that says, "Try the new Google Sheets."

4. NOTE:  Your old spreadsheets will be used with the older format, but your newer sheets will now have the latest features.  You can go through the "tour" by clicking the "Next" button your you can always skip the tour by clicking the "Skip tour" button.  The Google Sheets tour just shows some of the new things you can do with the program.

5.  That is all there is to changing over to the newer version.  To play with the ability to assign spreadsheet tabs a new color, just create a new spreadsheet from within your Google Drive.  Once you are in the spreadsheet document, just click the drop down arrow next to the sheet name, in this case "Sheet1."  Just choose the "Change color" option and pick your color.

6.  You can now see that the "Sheet1" tab has a blue line running below it. 

7.  Change each tab you create for coding purposes.

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