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Monday, December 23, 2013

Google Apps (Presentation): How do I embed my Google Presentation into a website or blog?

One of the many awesome features of Google Presentations is that you can embed your presentation into your website or blog.  This is cool, because you only have to embed it once and any change you make after that will automatically be updated.  Your students will have access to the latest version/revision of your presentation.  Embedding the Google Presentation also gives your students easy access to it from home.  This really helps with the latest educational idea of the Flipped Classroom where students can learn much of the material from their house.

Embedding Google Presentation Tutorial and Example

1.  After creating your Google Presentation click on "File" and select the "Publish to the web" option.

2.  Click the "Start Publishing" button.

 3.  You might get a popup that asks if you are sure you want to publish.  Just click the "OK" button.

4.  You can share your presentation by sharing the link as well, but if you want to embed it within your website or blog, highlight the "Embed code" and then right click and copy it.

5.  Now take that code and paste it into the HTML section of your blog or website.

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