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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Create online Stories using StoryJumper.

StoryJumper is a great site for those teachers who want to find, read, and write online stories that can be shared with others.  There are many stories that are already written and ready to be read, or you can just create your own.  Better yet, have an assignment for your students in which they write their own online story.  How cool would that be?!?!  If you are looking for having students express themselve through writing then StoryJumper might be the site for you.

Tutorial for creating your own story.

1.  Go to the following web address:

2.  If you don't already have an account go ahead and create one.

3.  Click the "create" option from the different colored circles.

4.  Click the "Build a book from scratch option."

5.  Off to the left hand side you see a bunch of options that allow you to give "flavor" to your story.  Lets start off with the "props" section.  Find a prop that you are interested in and then just drag it over onto your story book page.


6.  To manipulate the image just click on it.  Use the "handles", the little squares around the image, to resize it.  Use the "Rotate" handle for rotating the image.  The "up" and "down" arrows help with layering your images.  Play with the other buttons to do things like "clone" or "delete" the image.

7.  Off to the left again, click the "scenes" button and choose what scene or background would be best for your story book.  Once you have decided just drag it over to your page.

8.  You can see that the "scene" is placed behind your "props."

9.  To add your own images to your book, just click the "Photos" option off to the left and then click the "get photos" button.  This will then let you search for pictures from your computer.

10.  On the left again, click the "Text" option which will allow you to add "text boxes" to your story.

11.  Just drag the style of box you want onto your page, click on it to begin typing for to get your options that you can play with, such as changing the font style.

12.  At the bottom of your story you will see your "save," "undo," and "exit" buttons as well as buttons that will advance you to other pages in your book.

13.  Toward the top you get an idea of what pages you are working on.  Play with the different options across this tool bar to familiarize yourself with them as they will save you some time, knowing what they all do.

That is pretty much all there is to creating a story book using "StoryJumper."  Don't forget to hit save before  exiting the browser.  If you want to see what other people have written, just click the "Explore" green circle.  Enjoy using StoryJumper.

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