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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Create research papers using Google Doc's research pane.

I have been recently accused by coworkers as being on Google's payroll because of how much I bring it up when helping teachers with solutions to their educational technology issues.  I am not, but I think that Google should pay me!!!  Just kidding.  (Sort of.)  Let me shout out though the "I Love Google APPS!"  Google has done a great job keeping educators and their students in mind when developing ideas and products.  Today they are beginning to release the Google Doc's "Research" pane.

What can I do with this web 2.0 tool?
  • Site sources directly from the research pane.
  • Drag and drop pictures while using the pane.
  • Browse websites from within the research pane.
This tool is awesome!!


 1.  Log into your Google docs.  If it hasn't changed yet, it will soon be called "Drive."

2.  In the "Tools" menu click the "Research" option.  This will then open the "Research" pane on the right hand side of your document.

3.  Type in your research key words.  This will then automatically start searching.

4.  In my example using dogs, you will notice that images will be displayed from Google images.  The search sometimes will give you some neat things such as "Also know as", "Other names," and "Classifications."

5.  If you left click on an image it will grow in size to give you a larger image. 

6.  If you left click and hold on the image you can then just drag the image over to your document.

7.  The really cool thing with this is that you will see a little number by your picture which then give it a cited source.  Now you wont be able to see the citation until you get ready to print.

8.  Here is what it would look like when getting ready to print your pages.

9.  Now if you hover your mouse over some of the research sources you will get three buttons that will appear.  The "Cite" button will create another citation for the website that you use.

10.  The "Insert link" button will insert a reader friendly link into your document.

11.  The "Preview" button will give you a snapshot of what the webpage you might visit would look like.

The is really all there is to using the Google Research Pane.  Please share this with your students or if you are a student, let your teachers know.  This will truly help those using Google Docs/Drive complete their research in much less time and frustration.