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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Finding and creating webquests using Zunal

  • is a site for searching for and creating webquests. There are hundreds of webquests for all levels and subject areas on the site. 
  • In this entry we will go through how to find a webquest. 
  • First you would click the desired subject on the left side:

  • The next screen will show a matrix of different subjects and grade levels. Mine happens to be set on high school science.

  • If you want to do a specific keyword search, click the "search" link on the bottom right of the table.
  • You will then be prompted to type in a search term and choose the curriculum area and grade level

  • You may find that your search term doesn't yield many results. When I used "human anatomy" I got only two results

  • You can try different terms. I changed the term to "respiration" and got a few more results:

  • Here is what shows up when one of the webquests is clicked:

  • If you like the webquest, you can "add to favorites" if you are a registered user:

  • Registration is free -- you can do it from the opening screen

  • There are several things you can do with this site such as writing quizzes, creating webquests, and making games. We will go through those in future posts. Happy webquesting!