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Monday, May 28, 2012

Create bibliographies for your next research paper using BibMe.

BibMe is another great resource for those seeking easy to use methods of citing your sources while doing your research papers or presentations.

What are the advantages of using BibMe?
  • Will create bibliographies just by typing in the title of the book or article.
  • Citations for books, magazines, web pages, journals, film, and newspapers.
  • APA and MLA styles as well as some others.

2.  Once you are at the site, decide what type of citation you are going to need.  Click on the appropriate tag.  For this tutorial I will just use the "Book" tab.

3.  When I use Bibme, I just use the "Auto-fill mode."  If you want to try the "Manual entry mode" just click the link.

4.  The nice thing about Bibme is that you can just type in the title of a book and click the "Find Book" button.  It will then produce search results based upon the title.

5.  You can now scroll through the list of books with similar titles.  Click the "Select" button when you find the right book.

6.  This will then fill in the following form.  Make any changes you deem necesary.  I have to admit that I haven't found very many errors in the Auto mode.

7. Once you have verified the info click the "Add to My Bibliography" button.

8.  Your citation will now be created on the right hand side of your screen.  You can delete an uneeded citation by clicking the red "x" or you can edit it by clicking the "pencil" icon.

9.  To change the Bibliography style just click the drop down menu.

10.  Once you are ready you can click the "Download" button, or if you created your own "BibMe" account you can save the bibliography online.

11.  If you prefer you can just highlight the bibliography, right click on the highlight and then click the "Copy" option and then go to your document that contains your "Works cited" page and paste it into your document.

 is really a simple solution and an easy site that will make your research life much more tolerable.

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