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Friday, May 18, 2012

Search 27 sites for flashcards using Flashcard Flash

This is a good site for teachers who would like to quickly find test review materials. Flashcard Flash searches 27 different flash card sites for whatever subject the user types in. Here is how it works:

  • Type in a search term. In this case, I typed in gas laws.

  • You will get a Google-like search result. In this case, there were about 407,000,000 results. 

  • You can narrow the results by clicking the "flashcards" link on the top.

  • The "flashcards" link narrowed the results down to 64,500 results.

  • Now you can click any of the results and access the flashcards. After screening the flashcards, you can provide the students with the link and they can use the flashcards.
  • Sometimes you will need to register for the site.
  • Thanks to Educational Technology and Mobile Learning for the original post about this site.
  • Happy searching!