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Monday, May 27, 2013

Disable/Turn off Smart Ink for the Smartboard Notebook software.

A few months ago Smarttech listened to the comments of Smartboard users everywhere, that complained about having that pesky "Smart Ink" floating toolbar.  As I mentioned in another post, I actually don't mind having the SmartInk toolbar because I use it a ton to write all over documents as I am explaining them.  But, if you are one that is annoyed by the toolbar the latest update of Smart Ink/Smart Notebook comes with a very simple tool that will allow you to change Smart Ink's settings.

1.  First off if you don't have the latest update for your Smartboard software package then make sure you update it.  I lave the latest Smart Ink version:
2.  If you are not sure then just go to your "Smart Tools" folder found under "All Programs" > "Smart Technologies" folder.  Select the "Smart Product Update" option.

3.  You should now see the following screen.  This should now check to see if you have the latest version of your Smart Product software.  Update as needed.

4.  If you have the latest software then just go to your Smart Technologies folder found under all programs and then select the "Smart Ink Settings."

5.  Right away you can see that you have a couple of options.  One is that you can disable the automatic start up of Smart Ink by unchecking the first box.  If you can completely disable the SmartInk by clicking the button "Turn off Smart Ink."  You can always turn it back on later if you change your mind.  Also notice the other options while you are hear.  You can actually hid the Smart Ink toolbar and yet still pick up a Pen and write all over your applications.  I didn't like this feature simply because I didn't have the other tools to quickly delete all of my drawings.  You can also change the opacity of your toolbar so that it is not so visible.

6.  You can also click on the "Microsoft Office Settings" option to your left if you don't like how Smart Ink behaves while using a PowerPoint Presentation.  I don't use these settings because I am fine with how Smart Ink performs in my PowerPoint, but if you don't like it then you can disable the settings here as well.

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