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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Google Contacts: Import contacts from somebody else.

It is that time of year when educators across the country are trying to get ready for the new school year.  If you are new to a district and your district is using Google Apps for Education as their email and document collaboration solution, then you may want to get the contacts imported from a colleague who has been teaching longer.  Below is a tutorial on how to import Google contacts into your own contact list.  If you currently have some of the contacts from the imported list, then no problem.  You will be able to merge both lists and names in just a couple of clicks and that is part of the tutorial as well.


1.  First this tutorial is based on the idea that your colleague has already exported their contacts.  Once they have exported their contacts have them email you the file that they saved.

2.  After you have logged into your Google Apps you need to click on the "Contacts" at the top of your screen.

3.  Once you are on your own Contacts page, click the "More" button and then choose the "Import" option.

4.  Click the "Choose File" button and navigate to where you save the Google Contacts file that was emailed to you by a colleague.

5.  Once you find the file click on it and the click the "Open" button.  (Shortcut tip:  Double clicking a file will save you some time because you won't have to click the "Open" button.)

6.  Now click the "Import" button.

7.  Now if you aren't new to the district and you already have contacts on your contact page then you need to "Merge" the duplicates.   Just click the "More" button and then the "find and Merge duplicates" option.

8.  You will then be shown all contacts that have duplicates.  Just click the "Merge" button.

That is all there is to it.

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