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Sunday, July 29, 2012

In Case you missed it: This weeks tech ideas.

I thought I would start a new idea this week on the Education in the Cloud with Web 2.0 Tools.  I am going to start a series called "In Case you Missed it."  This set of blog posts will review some of the posts that I have already made and allow you to get a brief summary of what the post entailed.

  1. Import Contacts into Gmail
    •  This quick tutorial will demonstrate how to take an exported GMail CSV file and import it into your own Gmail contacts list.
  2. Google Sites:  Fly out Menu.
    • For those using Google Sites as your class webpage solution, on this post you will be taught how to create flyout menus that you commonly see on other sites.  Flyout Menus are those tabs on a web page that when you hover your mouse over them you see new options appear.
  3. Smartboard:  Create a study game that resembles a board game.
    • I found this idea on Youtube and adapted it to my own needs.  For those teachers using Smartboard in the classroom, this game can be an easy addition to a lesson on which you would like to improve.
  4. Create research citations and works cited pages using a Citation Wizard.
    • This online citation wizard is extremely easy to use and will do both APA and MLA style citations.
  5. Create a virtual corkboard/presentation using Spaaze.
    • Spaaze is a web 2.0 tool that educators and their students can use to present information.  Spaaze give the user another means and opportunity to present.

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