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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Interactive Website: Play a neat little geography game using GeogGuessr.

GeogGuessr is a great geography game.  Your students will view an image found on Google Earth/Maps.  Using clues such as the surrounding foliage, landscape, culture, buildings and languages found on signs students will have fun trying to guess the location.  They will try 5 locations.  The closer they are to the location the more points they will receive.  Try playing this game with student groups and see which group has the best knowledge of the world's locations.


1.  Go to:

2.  You will now see the location that you are supposed to guess right away.

3.  Off to the right you will see a mini Google map.  Using your mouse's scroll wheel, zoom in and out of the map. 

4.  One of the awesome features is that you can actually move through the map looking for context clues.  Find that writing, vehicle type, or house that might give you a clues as to where in the world you are.

5.  Once you think you know where you are at, click on that location to drop a Google marker.  Then click the "Make a Guess" button.

6.  It will now draw a line for your guess to the actual point.  You can see that I was fairly close and yet so far away.  At the top of the popup map that you will get, you can see how many points the game gave you.  Close that window by clicking the small "x".  You should now see your second location.  Repeat the steps.

7.  Once you are finished with all of your guessing you will get a display of all the distances and your total points.  Have your students compete in groups or rows, to see which group can get the most points.

8.Once you are finished you can also share that game and even challenge somebody else to see if they can beat your score.

Give GeogGuessr a shot.  I think this activity would be great to try at the beginning of the class period as an opening exercise when teaching Geography.  Happy hunting.