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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tech integration ideas in case you missed them earlier.

Now that school has started I thought I would create a new letter for my staff on different tech integration strategies and ideas.  I have already blogged about them, but in case you missed some of the great tech tips and tricks here is my second news letter.

  1. Jeopardy game:
    1. I was asked by a couple of teachers how I play Jeopardy with my classes.  I have tried all sorts of PowerPoint and Smartboard ideas, but the best that I have come across is Jeopardy Labs.  You can have up to 12 teams, creating questions has never been easier and the points work out quite well to keep track of who is ahead.
  2. Instant Countdown Clock
    1. This is something I just ran into.  You can easily use Google search to create an instant countdown clock.  Use it to keep track of your timed activities in class.
  3. Geography Game:  Where in the world am I?
    1. I also just ran across this site.  It place a area from Google maps street view.  Your goal is to see how close you can come to guessing the location.  You can move around the picture looking for location clues such as writing, building types, clothing, vehicles, scenery, etc...  The closer you get the more points you will receive.  Have your students compete in groups to see who can come closest.  A game consists of 5 locations.
  4. Smartboard Tips and Tricks
    1. Here is a page with detailed tutorial on Smartboard tips and tricks that might make your life easier when integrated Smartboard into the classroom.

If you have any other questions or tech ideas you want incorporated into this news letter please let me know.

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