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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Google Drive: Quick Tip.. How do I find out how many files do I have.

Sometimes you want to find out how many files you actually have in Google Drive.  Mostly what you will find is just how much space your files are taking up which you can find that by just looking at the bottom left side of your Google Drive.

If you want to see how many actual files you have follow these tutorial steps.

1.  Make sure you are in the Drive section where all your documents and folders are located and not actually in a folder, even those these instructions will work the same if you want to find out how many files you have in a single folder.  Once you are there, click on check box at the very top next to the word "Title."  This will select all of your folders and files.

2.  Now click on the "More" button.

3.  Click on the "Download" option.

4.  You should now see numbers next to the different document types.  This should be easier than just counting them individually.

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