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Monday, July 29, 2013

Google Calendar: Subscribe to other online Calendars

Our district recently bought a new district website.  We are no longer hosting a Google calendar for the public to view.  Well being the Google fan that I am, the following tutorial will demonstrate how to subscribe to an "ical" calendar.  An iCal is a method that many websites use so that users of Google, Microsoft, or other companies that offer a calendaring service like Outlook, can get a live calendar feed.  In other words if you subscribe to an iCal, any time the website designer adds something to their calendar it will automatically be injected into your calendar.  The example below will demonstrate how to subscribe to a calendar feed using Google Calendar.


1.  You are looking for a link somewhere that says "iCal."  Click on it.

2.  Subcribe to the iCalendar Feed.  Depending on which calendar you are trying to subscribe to on the internet will depend on how this will actually look.  This tutorial is based on our School Website.

3.  After clicking "Subscribe" you will probably get a popup asking if you are going to "Allow" this process. Click the "Allow" button.

4.  You should now see another popup from the Google Calendar asking if you want to add this calendar to your personal set of calendars.

5.  If you aren't already logged in, you will be prompted to do so.  If you are part of my district or are logging in using some other domain, make sure you are already logged into your Gmail, if you want this to work.

6.  The calendar you are trying to subscribe to should now be located under "Other calendars."  In this example, you should now see a "Snowflake USD" calendar listed.