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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Smartboard Notebook Game: Create fun matching game using the Cell Screen Shade.

Even though Smartboards are web 2.0 tools, every once in a while I like to share some tips and tricks that teachers are using in their classrooms.  Here is a means of creating a simple and user friendly matching game.  If you have other games or ideas please don't hesitate to share how you are using tech tools in your classroom.

Smartboard Notebook 11:  Cell Screen Shade Matching Game

1.  Create and add a table to your Notebook page.  Make sure it has an even number of cells.  4x4, 5x4

2.  Drag and drop images into each cell, in pairs of course.  You can also put a math problem into one square and a solution into another.

3.  Click on a cell and you should see a drop down arrow appear in the top right corner.  click on it and choose the "Add Cell Shade" option to all of your game's cells.

4.  Your game should now look like this.  Invite your students up to click on two different cells.

5.  If they make a match do nothing else.  If they don't make a match then click on the top left of the cell where you see the cell shade and it will recover the cell.