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Friday, July 5, 2013

Create an instant feedback poll using Micropoll

Creating and adding polls to your classroom website or blog can build a digital classroom that is more engaging for students.  Having polls on your site also allows for instant feedback from your students if you have devices in your classroom.  You can also use them as an incentive for students to find answers and do some outside of the classroom research.  One idea I like about polls is the ability to internet scavenger hunts.  Just ask a question, have your students go out to the web to find the answer, and then have your student go to your poll and check off the answer they believe it to be.  A Poll can provide a little more interest in educational content.  Using Micropoll might be a solution you can use in your classroom.  Below is an example of a Micropoll.  Give it a try.  There is a tutorial further down if you need help creating your own.


1.  Go to:, create an account and then click the "Create New MicroPoll" button.

2.  Give your poll a question and then the answers to go with it.  You will see your poll being created to the right.  Once your poll is done, click the "Create New Poll" button.

3.  Once you create your poll you will be take to a screen with all of the polls you have created.  Click on your poll again to get embed links, and the ability to edit.

4.  Now you will see the "Embed" code.  Just copy and paste it into your HTML code on your website.  If you want to just link to the poll you can copy this link and add it to emails or just link back to it from your website.

5.  From this screen you can also edit the look and feel of your poll.  Just play with the settings until you find the right ones for your poll.  Once you are done, don't forget to click the "Save Changes" button.

6.  Also on the edit part you will see the results of your poll.

7.  If you go into your "Advanced Poll Result Settings" you can manipulate how your results page will look.  The most important part of these settings is deciding on the last three options of the picture below.  Do you want your voters to vote more than once?

8.  On the left hand side you will see a menu worth playing with.  Change more options there. 

Create a poll using Micropoll and let us know how it went and how you are using it with your students.